Customers are taking advantage of our Vendor Managed Inventory (V.M.I.) service where we can install a vending machine on the shop floor or premises, taking responsibility through our in-house stock system to maintain stock levels and offer that peace of mind where running low or out of stock is no longer a worry. This is considered by our customers to be critical to the running of a continuous line feed.

The system streamlines the approach which finds customers continually ordering with their supplier and creating a lot of administration for both parties. Product checking, loading up the empty bins and creating a situation where the best use of time is being misspent. For some of our customers this eradicates the need for having expensive depots holding stock and instead utilises an area designated within the manufacturing facility to hold and vend required stock.

Having a VMI system in place strengthens the relationship we have with our customers and gives our customer a continuous replenishment for everyday use, without the excess but still making sure that stock never runs out.

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