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At forward, we feel that listening to our customers means we can offer the best solution for their business, whether that means tackling excess stock, too much re-ordering, too much stock mishandling or simply a lack of warehouse space.

Direct line feed (DLF) solution

DLF is the key to a steady flow of parts for use in stock availability, ensuring that parts never run out. We agree initial stock levels with customers and also replenishment frequency is agreed based upon past use.

Some of the benefits of using our Direct Line Feed are:

  • Reduced inventory and paperwork
  • Flexibility of supply
  • Reduction in continuous purchasing and admin
  • Reduction in customer warehousing
  • Batch traceability to the production line

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VMI solution

Customers are taking advantage of our Vendor Managed Inventory (V.M.I.) service where we can install a vending machine on the shop floor or premises, taking responsibility through our in-house stock system to maintain stock levels and offer that peace of mind where running low or out of stock is no longer a worry. This is considered by our customers to be critical to the running of a continuous line feed.

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AGILON® solution

This multi-award-winning and patented Agilon® solution consists of a shelving system, user access points and a robot that travels within the shelving unit. It picks the parts required by the operator, either via the user interface (touchscreen) or by data import, and brings them straight to the access point, this eliminates complete human picking, thus reduces picking errors or mishandling of expensive parts.

Handling material of all shapes and sizes – from matchbox-sized items to items weighing up to 25kg. Agilon® is also able to handle items in their original packaging so there is no need for items to be transferred into bins; and the system then conveniently delivers the goods to the user access point for immediate use.

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