Distribution of Parts

We understand the need to adapt to our customers’ high expectations, and we have acted accordingly over the past 20 years. With our extensive history of shipping parts all over the world, we have the experience and systems in place to accommodate the myriad needs of our ever-growing customer base.

In addition to the UK, we have distribution partnerships with mainland Europe, Asia and the USA, enabling us to cover a majority of distribution avenues either via sea or air and of course, by road.

With computer software specifically designed for inventory management, we can offer Direct Line Feed, bar-coding, EDI max/min stock levels, along with any performance indicators you need to optimise your manufacturing process. For many of our customers, we will source the parts or manufacture and distribute straight from our warehouse to the manufacturing line. This ensures all their bins are continuously filled and enables 24/7 operation.

Customers also take advantage of our VMI service, where we install a vending machine on the shop floor or premises and take responsibility for maintaining stock levels through our in-house system. This means that running low or out of stock is no longer a worry, affording our customers a much-needed peace of mind. Those that have implemented this solution now consider it critical to the running of a continuous line feed.

The system erases the need for expensive depots holding stock and awaiting your order. Instead, by occupying a designated area within a customer’s facility, the procedure becomes efficient and altogether easier managed.

We like to offer a complete logistical design for your vendor management system, making sure that you get a system that works exactly for your business.

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