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When running any modern production plant, orderliness and reliability are crucial, especially when dealing with unplanned demands. With round-the-clock shift work, an urgent need can arise at any time, and when that happens, the smallest discrepancy in your auditing can mean the difference between success and disaster.

It doesn’t help that the auditing process can be painstaking and prone to human error—and when you’re shorter on components than what’s on the record, correcting those errors can take time and resources that you simply can’t afford to spare.

That’s why Forward Industrial are happy to announce that we have been given exclusivity within the Fasteners industry to use Agilon® by Konecranes. We are proud to be representing Agilon®, the solution that will help automate stock transportation in your warehouse.

What is Agilon®?

Agilon® is an inventory management system that can be built to your bespoke specifications and integrated within your existing warehouse footprint. It includes a net portal, a shelving system, user access points and a robot (a picking arm) that moves goods within the system. Agilon® is an aid to manufacturers across many sectors; Aerospace, automotive, medical, to name but a few.

The system operates up to a maximum height of 6.1metres and unlimited maximum length. A transportation tube that connects all the modules can be applied which allows a network of multiple units in different areas, and even on separate floors, to work in unison with each other.

Stock Auditing

Agilon® is your automated auditing solution. It can be used for storing and managing thousands of different components, providing real-time information on component stocks through a secure internet connection. A secure user interface shows the availability of all parts and even displays an image of the specific parts package before retrieving the item.

Real time inventory information, order history and information related to usage and consumption can be monitored via a secure online Agilon® portal, which can be accessed from any computer or smart device 24/7. You can even set your system to automatically order more parts from suppliers when your stock meets pre-defined thresholds, so you never have to worry about running out in the case of unexpected demand.

Agilon® lays the foundation for cost-efficient and error-free management of your stock audit. With your team free from this gruelling and thankless task, you can focus your resources into what you’re best at.

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