What do maintenance breakdowns cost your business?

MRO maintenance

Imagine your production line grinding to a halt, and costing you hundreds or thousands of pounds an hour, because one crucial part wasn’t taken care of. It’s a scenario as frustrating as it is entirely possible; it can be as simple as an ungreased bolt… and a little MRO maintenance could have caught it early.

When even the smallest machinery component breaks down, it can send a shockwave across your production line. The various resulting costs to your business can accumulate to disastrous effect. In fact, a recent study shows that machine downtime costs UK manufacturers £180bn a year, and that over half of that downtime is caused by hidden internal faults.

Employees can find themselves suddenly without the means to carry out their work, and the personnel tasked with the repair job expend precious time away from key projects. According to The Manufacturer, a full 3% of all UK manufacturing working days are lost to faulty machinery, translating to roughly 49 hours of work and £31,000 per company.

The situation can be further compounded if you find yourself without access to the replacement parts you need. Those unplanned costs aren’t the least of your worries; you’ll also lose even more time in searching for a supplier and waiting for delivery. By the time your machine is up and running, you’ve lost thousands in potential revenue. But that’s not the wort the damage can get.

The true cost of neglecting MRO maintenance

All of this disruption has a knock-on effect that might severely impact your customers’ experience. The quality of your product could suffer as your work line becomes more susceptible to faults and slip-ups. As your lead times increase unexpectedly and key deadlines are missed, your customers will likewise have their schedules disrupted. You could lose the most important part of business as a whole – your client’s trust.

All of this could be avoided by involving Forward Industrial in your business and arranging an MRO health check. Our MRO service encompasses all aspects of planned maintenance. With our extensive resources and flexible service, we work alongside your workforce to optimise your operations. With our expert assistance, you can avoid that disastrous downtime from machinery malfunctions.

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