Just how does Agilon ® work?

Agilon how does it work

A few months later and it’s still changing everything. A little while ago you might remember me shouting a lot about a new technology we’d installed for the warehouse, the Agilon ® system, that was a breakthrough apparently set to change the nature of warehouses. Back then, in all the excitement, I called it a ‘glimpse into the future’. After a few months of continually using the system, now an everyday part of our lives, I’m certain the future is here.

Since that first introductory blog a lot of people have been getting in touch, sure that it must be too good to be true, and plenty more wanting to understand exactly how Agilon ® does what it claims. So without further ado I’m going to break down how it works, inside and out, so you can see for yourself how it’s been changing our lives, and how it could change yours too.

The warehouse of the future

Agilon ® encases all of your stock inside its walls, in shelves stacked to the ceiling. Ladders and forklifts are a thing of the past, as Agilon ®, when required, transports products to a delivery hatch closest to you. You have control of all of this via a touch screen on the wall. Put into a real-world scenario, the user experience looks something like this:

agilon how does it work
Dan works on the warehouse floor, and needs 12 bolts for the latest job. Usually he would have to locate the bolts, which are at the far end of the warehouse, and risk himself on a ladder to reach them. But Dan’s warehouse has Agilon ® installed. He needs only to take himself to the touchscreen and log on with his fingerprint. He uses the touchscreen to search for the bolts he needs, and images of the bolts pop up so he knows he’s got the right one. Agilon ® tells him exactly how many bolts are left in the warehouse, who used them last and when. Dan orders his 12 bolts, and this transaction is logged in the system. There’s movement behind the metal walls, and his bolts are carried from the other end of the warehouse and delivered to the hatch in front of him. By the time he’s gone, Agilon ® has already updated the stock quantity.

What Dan doesn’t know, is that his 12 bolts have reduced the quantity to only 7, which is less than the amount his boss specified as sufficient. Therefore, Agilon ® automatically sends an email reminder to the purchaser or additional orders directly to suppliers. When parts arrive, Agilon ® updates the balance information and acknowledges receipt of the order.

Job done.

24-hour control 

That is all very impressive, and for workers on the warehouse floor it makes their jobs immeasurably easier. But Agilon ® does even more than that. All of the information it holds, regarding stock quantity, transactions logs (including the purpose and job number) and orders, can be accessed wirelessly via the internet 24/7. That gives you control from your desktop at home, or even a mobile or tablet.

agilon how does it work

No more seasonal inventory checks, no more inaccurate stock information. No more stock shortages that prevent work from getting done. And no more health and safety hazards with staff clambering about high shelving. Starting to see why I was so liberal with my praise? And wait, there’s more…

Agilon ® – A safe investment

The Agilon ® system is produced by Konecranes, the industry giants who assured me that Agilon ® was not only bringing the future closer, but would be able to adapt and grow with the company for years to come. As well as providing complete technical support in case of faults, and software updates when the time arrives, Konecranes are able to adapt and expand Agilon ® at any time after deployment. The size of the system and the number of access points can change as your material management needs change.

In case I haven’t done Agilon ® justice, the official web page should fill an any gaps. Or if you’re interested in Forward’s experience with Agilon ® I’d be happy to answer any questions. You can get in touch on 0121 708 3070 or email info@forwardindustrial.com.

And if you’re really keen, there might even be a chance for you to come to the warehouse and see Agilon ® in all its glory.


Martyn Cleaver, Managing Director at Forward Industrial Products Group Ltd.

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